Zouminy 32-inch HD LCD TV Supports USB HDMI Clear Image Television RF Antenna Black 1366768(US)

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  • ✔Shocking sound solution. Built-in social sound technology, bass ring design and dialogue enhancement, so that the built-in body audio continues to provide a high quality viewing experience
  • ✔32-inch large screen, horizontal and vertical edge enhancement, increased screen definition, high pixel rendering, is a stunning natural color. HDR real-time conversion, so that each scene is close to the realism you can feel
  • ✔Image noise reduction processing scheme. The image content is analyzed by high-definition technology, and the random noise in the image signal is suppressed. The MPEG noise reduction technology is used to process the block noise generated by digital signal compression to improve the image details
  • ✔Ultra-narrow bezel, high-definition world. Simple atmosphere, fashion classic. Technology and aesthetics blend perfectly, let you indulge in such natural and clear beauty. High-end materials, lightweight body is also exceptionally strong
  • ✔Button is in the switch button on the right side of the fuselage, leaving the exquisite and simple sense of the front frame of the fuselage. USB Blue-ray decoding perfectly supports the local playback of movies through U disk and other storage devices
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